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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Get Best Price Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in India : Contact Forerunners Healthcare

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery & Benefits

As the global patients start their investigation in the search of finding high quality weight loss options, they realize that the surgical procedures like Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery. The answer to this question is so obvious since one can find a wide range of benefits, which are hard to find out at any other option. The fact of the matter if you check the benefits of the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery you can find a couple. The fact is one can find too many benefits like small size incisions that offer less loss of blood that can lead to faster recovery and do a number of other things.  The sleeve Gastrectomy carried out with laparoscopic approach can be called as the best and the stand-alone procedure by some surgeons. The other benefit one can enjoy with this surgery is that it comes along with quality outcome and faster recovery attracting global patients far and wide.

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Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery Success rate

The success rate of sleeve Gastrectomy surgery with laparoscopic though can be seen much higher however, this will depend upon a number of factors for sure. Some of the key points can be clubbed as under:
  • Talking about the Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery Success rate, it is great and one can find ample of ease and comfort with great success rates.  The fact of the matter is the surgery with laparoscopic approach is known to have given one of the best of the results.
  • As per reports, the Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery Success rate for the laparoscopic approach comes along with 89 to 95 percent. Again this will depend upon a number of factors, which include the overall health of the patient, the medical conditions and a number of other factors, which make or break the surgery result.
  • However, the success rate of the surgery is competitive in many ways. These include getting high quality healthcare services with much of the care and following of the post surgery instructions. In fact, the surgery can give positive results when there is a complication that comes along with risks that get reduced with professionalism and care.

Our Key Surgeons

When it comes to finding Bariatric surgeons in India dealing with weight loss surgeries including the sleeve Gastrectomy surgery there are many. Some of the top names in this field include the following:
  • Dr Randeep Wadhawan: He is among the top Bariatric Surgeon who is known for his high success rates. He hails from New Delhi and has been linked with all top hospitals right from Fortis to Max and others top hospitals, he has carried a huge amount of surgeries in India and abroad.
  • Dr Muffazal Lakdawala: Another big name in Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery domain is certainly the man called Dr. Lakdawala. He is highly qualified and skilled enough to get a good recognition in the market of Weight Loss Doctor. In his career spanning to many years, he has achieved a lot in this domain.
  • Dr. Deep Goel: He is among the top Weight Loss Surgeon and known for being the highly educated he is also known for his competence and success rate. He is linked with top hospitals and clinics to attend a wide range of healthcare services pertaining to weight loss surgeries.
Free Consultation : Top Obesity Surgeons in India

Special Packages for International Patients

The global patients can easily find high quality and specially designed packages. The healthcare services in India are highly competitive and affordable healthcare services. The fact of the matter is if you compare the cost of healthcare services in India with the ones found in developed nations like US or UK, the cost comes to be very much competitive. This is the reason why medical tourism industry is on a high rise in India.

Complete Assistance

If you are considering the help of medical tourism company like Forerunners Healthcare Services, then you are ought to get high quality healthcare services. Right from getting visa assistance to get the surgery with top doctors and surgeons at top hospital the group has loads to do with the global patients. This is the reason why Forerunners Healthcare Services has been the most preferred group among the global patients.

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Early Stage Breast Cancer Treatment : Complete Medical Assitance by Forerunners

What does Early Stage Breast Cancer Mean

The breast cancer is categorized as Stage I, II (A or B), III (A, B, or C) or IV and it is based on the size of the tumor and whether the cancer has spread. The early stage breast cancer mean stages I, IIA, IIB and IIIA and it refer that the cancer may have spread to the nearby lymph nodes but not to the distant parts of the body.

How Does Breast cancer Spread

If cancer spreads to the other parts of the body, then it is called as metastasis. The breast cancer can spread by invading the nearby healthy tissue such as chest wall, or onvading the lymphatic system, a part of the immune system containing a network of lymph nodes and lymph vessels which are found throughout the body or by invading the blood vessels in the breast. The cancer cells can travel through the blood stream to the other parts of the body such as bones or lungs.

When the cancer cells spread, they can cause tumors to grow in other parts of the body. The breast cancer which forms the tumors in other parts of the body as lungs is still breast cancer.

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How is Early stages Breast cancer Treated

The early stages breast cancer can be treated in more than one approach. Women with early stage breast cancer have two surgical treatment choices:
  • Mastectomy: During total mastectomy, the surgeon removed the while breast having cancer and possibly some lymph nodes under the arm. During modified radical mastectomy, the whole breast plus many lymph nodes under the arm, the lining over the chest muscles and sometimes, the part of the chest wall muscles are removed.
  • Breast sparing surgery followed by radiation therapy: Also called as breast conserving surgery includes lumpectomy and partial mastectomy. During lumpectomy, the tumor and some surrounding normal tissues are removed and during partial mastectomy, a portion of the breast containing the tumor is removed. Women having breast sparing surgery often have the lymph nodes under the arm removed. This surgery keep the breast intact- looking a lot like it did before the surgery.

Is Chemotherapy better treatment for Early stage Breast cancer (Dr. Opinion)

Chemotherapy uses the drugs to kill the cancer cells or stop them from dividing. In some cases, it may be used before surgery in order to shrink the size of a tumor so that woman can have the breast sparing surgery. This is called as neoadjuvant chemotherapy. However, a doctor’s opinion may be affected by the age of the patient, their training and other personal influences.

How Do I decide which surgery is right?

To decide which surgery is right for you is not easy and hence you should consider the medical opinions of the team of doctors who are involved in your care. They will consider many factors such as your overall health and explain the benefits and risks of each approach while making recommendations. Speaking with several doctors may also help you to decide which surgery is right for you. Feelings matter too, ample of discussion with your doctors and loved ones will help to sort through all these factors so that you can make a decisions which you can be content with. 

How Do I save my money by treatment in abroad

Money should not heavily influence a woman’s decision to get a type of surgical treatment for the early stage breast cancer. The breast sparing surgery followed by radiation may have more short term costs but less long-term costs than the mastectomy. Specific costs are unique to each woman and her treatment needs. You may save money by getting your treatment abroad in India. Booking your appointment for the breast cancer treatment in India is easy with Forerunners Healthcare Consultants which aids the global patients to get affordable cost treatments.  

Where can I get Value added cancer Treatment in India

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants is a leading medical value provider in India having association with the best hospitals and the top doctors for breast cancer treatment in India. Send us your query to get complete medical assistance for your medial trip to India. 

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Eman's Dr. Lakdawala also Helps Obese MP Cop Daulatram Jogawat for Tests in Saifee hospital


Police inspector Daulatram Jogawat with Dr Muffazal Lakdawala at Saifee Hospital

After the world’s heaviest lady is getting treated by the top obesity expert Dr. Lakdawala from Saifee Hospital, it’s the turn of Daulatram Jogawat the Neemuch based inspector who went on to get rid of his extra fats in the said doctor. The inspector who aged 58 at the MP Police department seemed to weight 180 kgs and was recently mocked by socialite and known author Shobhaa De. She was seen tweeting about the same on 21st February 2017 with the tagline called heavy police bandobast in Bombay recently. In her response, the inspector said that his weight gain is simply due to the medical complications and not due to any overeating thing. Soon he was approached by Dr. Lakdawala from Saifee hospital for the treatment.

How it All Started?

We know Dr. Lakdawala as the chairman of Institute of Minimal Access Surgical Sciences & Research Centre at the Saifee hospital. He and his team at Center for Obesity and Digestive Surgery had approached the inspector for the treatment, soon we saw the cop along with his son dropping down to Mumbai to start the treatment for obesity. This led the policeman get loads of invitation and it was flooded with invitations from wide range of hospitals across the country after the remark of the lady author over the microblogging site. In fact, her tweet going viral has made the cop popular all across the country with all the leading hospitals calling him for the treatment including the ones from Dr. Lakdawala from Saifee Hospital from Mumbai. He finally chose Mumbai for the said treatment.

The Treatment

Once he finally chose Dr. Lakdawala from Saifee Hospital Mumbai, he now hear that the said doctor and his team has carried out a series of test at the said hospital that will help them to find out the real cause or disease which had made the cop overweight. As per Dr. Lakdawala from Saifee Hospital Mumbai, he is suffering from the disease which causes obesity and they are able to decide soon which bariatric surgery to consider for the weight loss. He said he and his team have started checking his report and carrying out various tests, which will end up giving the right solution for the team.

The Causes to Obesity

When asked why the cop has gained so much weight along with asking the exact reason for the extra weight, he simply said that he has started to gain weight after he had undergone the surgery called the gall bladder surgery in the year 1993. He informed that the surgery has allowed developing some insulin imbalance after the surgery, which has triggered the weight gain. He said this was not due to his overweight thing. As per his seniors in MP police, the overweight cop has been always competent despite being obese. In fact, the policeman has won a number of accolades since his recruitment in the year 1979. He has played an in important role in various investigations in his anti-narcotics department and a wide range of operations, which have been carried out along with curbing the crimes against women in his area. He has been the part and parcel of Shiv Ratri duty at the area of Neemuch control room.


Shobhaa De's tweet changed my life Says Obese MP cop Daulatram Jogewat

His senior calls him a very hardworking officer who has even worked 12-14 hours at a stretch in a day despite having the medical complications. Hence he was trolled by the socialite and author Mrs. Shobhaa De, he was quick to be approached by various doctors, including Dr. Lakdawala from Saifee Hospital. So, if Mrs. De is still not aware about the latest on this issue, she should read this piece and take lessons from people like Dr. Lakdawala who has volunteered himself the police officer to make him free from the extra fats at his hospital Saifee Hospital.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Manipal Hospital Bangalore India offers Low Cost Knee Replacements Surgery to fight from Osteoarthritis


The ailment called the Osteoarthritis is often caused due to aging joints, obesity and injury that come along with the symptoms like joint pain and stiffness. The treatment of this ailment simply depends upon the affected joint, including the neck, hand, back, wrist, hip and knee and it can involve medication and exercise.

If you happen to be an overweight then you get to have weight loss surgery dope seeking the hope of top doctors at the known Manipal Hospital Bangalore India, which will certainly help to improve OA symptoms. If things still do not work then you got to avail the Top Orthopedic hospital Bangalore called the Manipal Hospital Orthopedic Centre India which caters high quality Affordable Hospital for Partial Knee replacement Surgery in India. In this way one can get rid of the ailment to a great extent and lead a peaceful and comfortable life for sure.

Causes of  Osteoarthitis

Though the ailment called the osteoarthritis usually is seen with the “wear and tear” of joints over time, but there are certain factors that causes the same. First are the genetic traits that make anyone to develop this ailment and then seek Affordable Hospital for Partial Knee replacement Surgery in India

The other inherited traits can cause slight amount of damages in the way that we see the bones fitting together thus making the cartilage wears away faster than the usual. The next is the body weight, which can bring any patient to the Manipal Hospitals Orthopedics Center India to get Affordable Hospital for Partial Knee replacement Surgery in India to ease the comforts of the ailment. There some other factors too that contributes to this ailment, which includes both the joint disorders including rheumatoid arthritis like hemochromatosis that brings the patient to the Top Orthopedic Hospital Bangalore called the Manipal Hospitals Orthopedics Center India.

Why Manipal Hospital known as Top Orthopedic Hospital in India?

Manipal Hospital Bangalore India is known to have a special significance in the overall healthcare industry in the country particularly the South region in India. This top orthopaedic hospital Bangalore is known to cater the comprehensive care to the patients, which is both curative and preventive in nature for a huge amount of patients including both the domestic and global ones coming from wide range of countries from all across the globe.

With this, the Manipal Hospitals Orthopedics Center India has become one of the most preferred and recognized destination for the global patients as they know they would get the high quality and Affordable Hospital for Partial Knee replacement Surgery in India. The clinical excellence of this Top Orthopedic Hospital Bangalore is rooted in the highly competitive team of doctors and medical specialists who are very well versed with the most modern and latest advancements found in their respective fields of the medical expertise. This has therefore attracted the global patients far and wide.

Cost benefits Knee Replacement Treatment in India

One of the key benefits the global patients can enjoy at the Manipal Hospital Bangalore India is the access of high quality healthcare services, which enable them to access highly affordable Hospital for Partial Knee replacement Surgery in India. The patients can enjoy high quality services at the Top Orthopedic Hospital Bangalore from highly experienced and skilled doctors and surgeons who all are known to have one of the best healthcare services and expertise.

The fact of the matter is that the Manipal Hospitals Orthopedics Center India caters highly competitive and affordable healthcare services, which make this hospital the most accessed destinations by the global patients. Thus you have enough reasons to choose the Manipal Hospital Bangalore India as you get high quality healthcare services at much of the affordable cost. 

Friday, 27 January 2017

Gastric Bypass Surgery vs Diet and Exercise: What is Good for Obesity

Gastric bypass surgery vs diet and exercise: Overview

Most people frown at the idea of an obese person going under knife to lose weight. IN a two year analysis of over 11 studies involving about 796 obese participants, researchers have found that gastric bypass surgery helped them lose an average of 53.7 lbs more than those who preferred diet and exercise. They also saw 22 times the remission rates for the obesity related diseases and metabolic syndrome including blood pressure, increased abdominal fat, diabetes, abnormal cholesterol levels, etc. Post surgery, patients have reported greater improvements in quality of life measure which had greater reduction in medical use than the non-surgical patients who choose diet and exercise.

Gastric bypass surgery pros and cons

The pros of gastric bypass surgery are:

  • Fairly quick and patient can start eating solid foods within a short frame of time
  • Very effective as it has shown to drop the excess weight quickly and patients will continue to lose weight for up to two years after the surgery
  • The long term weight loss means the health complication related to obesity will be greatly reduced
  • Overall improvement in health is dramatic post surgery when followed up with exercise and healthy eating

The cons of gastric bypass surgery are:

  • It will change your diet and lifestyle permanently which can run risk of a lowered immune system, your body may become malnourished and suffer from effects of anemia
  • Dumping syndrome is caused when the person consumes foods that are high in sugar content which are simply passed through the stomach and you may experience acid reflux or diarrhea, nausea

Get more About - Gastric Bypass Surgery Packages in India

Gastric bypass surgery statistics

Over the past few years, gastric bypass surgery has become a low risk procedure with a mortality rate of about one in every 1000 patients who undergo it. However, there are still some things which should be considered regarding the gastric bypass surgery statistics. The mortality rate of the gastric bypass surgery should be determines by taking the number of deaths in a 30 day period immediately post surgery. At times, individuals may have serious surgery related problem much later hence the mortality rate may not be an accurate reflection for the gastric bypass statistics

Diet and Exercise Pros and Cons

Pros of diet include:

  • Weight loss
  • Confidence boost

On the other hand, the cons of diet are:

  • Poses various health risks
  • Short-term solution

The pros of exercise include:

  • Increased energy
  • Workout boost
  • Better memory
  • A rosier outlook
  • Look younger

The cons of exercise are:

  • Increased risk of injury
  • Changes in relationships
  • The Halo effect

Success rate of diet and exercise

The success rate of diet and exercise is short term and ranges from 2 to 20% only.

Author Opinion

As per a new study, gastric bypass surgery is more effective than diet and exercise as it helps the obese people to stave off the obesity related diseases by losing weight which will eventually improve their quality of life. Hence, the gastric bypass surgery is an option for people with a BMI of 40 or higher or those with 35 or higher BMI and have serious weight-related health issue. This surgery will change the way the digestive system operates by limiting the amount of food a person can eat by making the stomach smaller by surgical removal of a portion of the stomach


Although the method is straightforward, gastric bypass surgery is still a major surgery with has its risks and complications. Therefore, it is very important to talk with your doctor before undergoing this procedure to find out whether it is suitable for you. If you have decided to undergo the gastric bypass surgery, then India is the best option for the patients from abroad since they can afford the low cost surgery here. 

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants is a leading medical service provider in India assisting abroad patients to seek their gastric bypass surgery in India from the top hospitals and best surgeons providing better results by maintaining the international standards of highest quality at the most affordable costs. All you have to do is send us your inquiry and we will take care of the rest by helping you with arrangements of your medical trip to India. For free consultation contact us at :

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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Millions of European patients are grappling with colon cancer and treatment cost

Global study

According to the global study, millions of Europeans patients are grappling with colon cancer treatment cost. The data comes from the most recent results of the global study done on cancer survival, the CONCORD-2 study that looked into four common cancers: colon, breast, stomach and lung across the European nations.

Colon Cancer Survival rate in Europeans

As per the charity, the survival rates for colon cancer in European nations are trailing at least a decade behind than other developed nations. According to the Macmillan Cancer Support, the colon cancer survival rates in the Europe were shameful compared to many other countries doing better in the year 1990s. The five-year colon cancer survival rate in Europeans at local stage is 90%, at regional stage is 70% and at the distant stage is 12%.


There are several causes for colon cancer and factors that place certain individuals at higher risk. The known genetic and environmental factors and people at risk of colon cancer are:

  • Colon cancer is rare for those under 40 years and mostly diagnosed in people above 60 years
  • When more than one family member has had colon cancer, it will increase your risk due to inherited gene
  • Have a prior history of colon cancer
  • Have a diet high in fat and low in fiber
  • Have history of benign growth of such polyps which have been removed surgically
  • Have a condition or disease linked with the increased risk

Cancer Treatment cost killing Europeans

Europeans have been paying more for their healthcare per capital with relatively low life expectancy for the cancer treatment. Hence the cancer treatment cost is killing them since they are spending more and less healthy. There is a need for cost effective medical care in the European nations and lack of this will make the patients search for a more viable colon cancer treatment option in abroad countries.

Many patients are looking treatment in abroad

All the above reasons including the expensive costs, low survival rates force many patients to look for colon cancer treatment in abroad countries. They look for quality treatments, with better survival rates and fewer complications as well as the colon cancer treatment cost under their budget.

India is one of the affordable option for cancer patients

India is an emerging medical tourism destination by being affordable option for cancer patients. We have advanced technologies and well equipped cancer hospitals located across the country offering excellent medical services and treatments for the patients. Our oncologists have extensive experience and are highly skilled to perform the colon cancer for patients.

Colon Cancer Treatment benefits in India

The colon cancer treatment benefits in India include :

  • Excellent medical services and care from our panel of top oncologists in India who will never compromise their efforts in surgery
  • State of the art infrastructures and facilities that are well equipped with the latest technologies to perform colon cancer treatment in India
  • We will offer you stress free environment for your medical trip to India
  • We provide assistance at every step of your medical journey to India and send references to respective medical experts as per your case study so that you can rest assured to get colon cancer treatment from the best field surgeons in India
  • We also help you plan a vacation post surgery, so don’t forget to load your cameras and swimsuits for nature’s treat after recovery

Pocket Budget Surgery Cost

We offer pocket budget surgery cost for the patients planning their colon cancer treatment in India. The colon cancer treatment cost in India is 60-80% less than the prevailing cost in the European nations. Even after considering the travel expenses, our comprehensive pocket budget surgery cost will help you save thousands of dollars.

Top and Global Value Cancer Hospitals

The top and global value cancer hospitals in India have the most advanced medical treatments and techniques, the latest equipments, the most extensive diagnostic and imaging facilities across Asia. The cancer hospitals offer excellent medical services and treatments by adhering to the international protocols.

World Famous Oncologist

The world famous oncologist performs different procedures for the colon cancer treatment in India. They are skilled, highly qualified with a vast amount of experienced and are affiliated with renowned medical organizations both at national and international levels.

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants - A Trusted name in Medical Tourism

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants is a trusted name in medical tourism offering assistance to millions of European patients grappling with colon cancer and treatment cost. We offer highly affordable cost colon cancer treatment from the world famous oncologists at the top and global value cancer hospitals. Send us your query to get the colon cancer treatment in India. 

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