Friday, 7 October 2016

A Digital Marketing Expert from UK relies on Best Plastic Surgeon in India to get quality cosmetic surgery

Michelle Andrews with Dheeraj Bhojwani

The number of people keen to fly to India for having a wide range of healthcare services including cosmetic surgeries in India is increasing with every passing day. The reasons are known to one and all as India has one of the best healthcare services catering them high quality healthcare services with much of the affordable cost. The hospitals have the best plastic surgeon in India to consult when it comes to going for any cosmetic surgery is concerned. The hospitals with best of the facilities in Goa having the best plastic surgeon in India to offer plastic surgeries has attracted many global patients, which certainly including the digital marketing expert from UK called Michelle Andrews. Check what she has to say about her experience in availing plastic surgery in this country. 

When I first consulted a plastic surgeon in my home country, I was alarmed with the amount of cost quoted by the hospital. I gave hopes to get treated with the plastic surgery till one of my friends based in Bradford recommended India to be the best option to go for a cosmetic surgery. I was reluctant about this idea at one go, but when I thought of checking it out over the internet, I was soon convinced that it’s a good idea to consider. Thanks to the team of best plastic surgeon in India and the high end hospitals based in Goa catering cost effective cosmetic surgeries that led me to this country thousands of miles away from my place. My entire plastic surgery was managed by a local medical tourism company, which is primarily responsible in bringing to India.

It was this company alone, which arranged the best plastic surgeon in India for me in Goa thanks to the best team of doctors and surgeons in their panel who made things simple for me. The hospital in Goa wherein was admitted in best in terms of facilities and other features and my surgery was led by the best plastic surgeon in India who went out of the way to fix my cosmetic problems with great passion and care. I am deeply impressed with their services that were both cost effective and full with par quality that is hard to find out at any other place in the east. That’s been the epitome of this country, which is really impossible to catch anywhere for a global patient. I highly recommend the best plastic surgeon in India and hospitals for any cosmetic surgery.

Michelle Andrews from London 

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