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Kidney TransplantIndia : Procedure, Packages and Medical Assistance

Kidney Transplant Overview

Kidney is regarded as one of the important organs in our body, which carry a vital function of filtering the waste from your blood and is known for flushing out the same from your body in the form of urine. It also helps in maintaining the fluid of your body along with the electrolyte balance. If the kidney cases are seen working normally, the waste can start accumulating over the body and thus it makes you ill and hence can find the kidney transplant for replacing the diseased kidney with the new. Now, let’s dig in deep into the surgery called kidney transplant as under:

Who might Need a Kidney transplant

If you are unlucky enough to be diagnosed with ESRD or your glomerular filtration rate is in a bad shape, which means that the rate of filtering the waste from your blood by your kidney has gone down 15ml/min/1.73 sqm and if you end up finding there is no other way of restoring the kidney functions, and if you are healthy enough to have underwent the surgery, you end up becoming the person who need the kidney transplant surgery.

How to Perform KTP Surgery?

The surgery for kidney transplant is usually a complex procedure and starts with getting general anesthesia followed by making an incision over the abdomen and the diseases kidney is reached. The doctor then places the donated kidney over the abdomen area by wiring the blood vessels over the kidney fixing the same over the veins and arteries. This helps in starting the blood flow via the newly replaced kidney. The surgeon then connects the same to the urinary bladder with ureters. Then you find the blood flowing via the replaced kidney. After the transplantation the incisions are closed and the patient is shifted to the ICU for an observation.

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Who Donate the Kidney?

The healthy kidney is often sourced from any living person who is keen to donate the same or can be even obtained via any dead person. The very basic idea behind this surgery is that a person can be lead a normal and healthy life even with one kidney which is very much sufficient for the normal functioning of human body. The surgery helps to fix the renal failure that lead to active and normal life and thus it makes the person free from the reliance on dialysis and the linked strict schedule.

Cost of Kidney Transplant surgery in India

The cost of kidney surgery in India helps people of different class from different parts of the world to opt for the same at pocket friendly packages. Right from finding the donor to carrying out the surgery for a prolonged recovery period, the surgery in India is often an affordable business. For instant the kidney transplant surgery in India can cost you around 70,000 USD, while the same procedure in the United States can be carried out at the cost of 3,00,000 USD. You can therefore imagine the difference between the two.

Find Surgeons at Mumbai and Delhi

When it comes to planning a kidney transplant surgery in India, finding a good surgeon is really important. You can easily find the one in Delhi and Mumbai with a simple web search or the best way is to get the same seeking the help of top medical tourism company and get things done as per your whims and fancies. 

Medical Assistance from Forerunners Healthcare

If you are looking for a kidney transplant surgery in India, You certainly need a helping hand to manage the entire show here in an alien country. One of the best name in medical tourism is Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. It not only helps in getting the medical VISA but at the same time gets you the best Doctor for the surgery along with finding the best hospital for the same. It has the most cost friendly healthcare packages, which take care of everything. right from the local travel, to your food and lodging.

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